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március 28, 2020

AIBA EC discussed the coronavirus pandemic and will vote for rescheduling the Congress 2020

AIBA Executive Committee on its teleconference on Saturday decided to keep in touch every three weeks to be well-updated about the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Several important decisions, including the rescheduling of the AIBA Extraordinary Congress 2020, would be made by the mail vote.   “It is important that we are together in such...
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A hèten a legendàs Papp Làszlòra emlèkeztünk

“Papp Làszlò pèldàja ès emlèke kötelez bennünket.” Dr. Bajkai Istvàn  A hèten a legendàs Papp Làszlòra emlèkeztünkKözzétette: Magyar Ökölvívó Szakszövetség / Hungarian Boxing Association – 2020. március 28., szombat
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