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június 2, 2021

AIBA Statement on allegations against officials at the Asian Boxing Championships

AIBA is aware of potential issues and allegations concerning the judging of certain bouts at the Asian Boxing Championships held in Dubai. AIBA takes such allegations very seriously. After liaising with several National Boxing Federations, AIBA anticipates the Refereeing and Judging (R&J) Committee will conduct an immediate investigation into the work of all relevant appointed...
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Mr. Marko Marovic led the unique AIBA ITO Course in Dubai

Following the AIBA 3-star Coaches Course and the AIBA 3-star Referee & Judge Course, another education program was scheduled at the ASBC Asian Men’s & Women’s Elite Boxing Championships in Dubai. The next generation of International Technical Officials attended the ITO Course during the competition. AIBA hosted its last ITO Course more than two years...
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