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AIBA to award medals and belts to World Champions in Belgrade

AIBA will award the winners of the Men’s World Boxing Championships with beautifully designed medals and belts to commemorate their accomplishments. Medals will be made of solid gold and silver respectively.  ‘We hope to give our athletes more reasons to push themselves and achieve greatness,’ said President Umar Kremlev. ‘With this prestigious title, not only...
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Women opened their campaigns at the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships

The winners of the 39 preliminary bouts advanced to the quarter-finals at the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Budva, Montenegro after the third day of competition. Boxers at the women’s flyweight (50kg), bantamweight (54kg), featherweight (57kg), lightweight (60kg), light welterweight (63kg), welterweight (66kg), middleweight (75kg), as well as the men’s minimumweight (48kg), flyweight (51kg)...
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Belgium, Estonia and Greece showed strong performance on Day 2 at EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships

Forty preliminary contests were held on the second competition day at the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Budva, Montenegro. The European continent has good potential and a bright future as developing nations are showing strong performance. Young talents from 38 countries who were born in 2003 and in 2004 are eligible to attend the...
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The EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships start in Budva

Europe’s fourth continental event of the year, the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships started in Budva, Montenegro.  The first competition day of the competition had 21 preliminary contests. The finals are scheduled to be held on October 23. Young talents who were born in 2003-2004 are eligible to attend the championships in Budva.  The event...
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Grand Opening Ceremony of AIBA Men’s World Championships to celebrate boxing

AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships start on the 24th of October 2021 at 19:00 local time with a Grand Opening Ceremony at Štark arena in Belgrade.  Only nine days remain until one of the most spectacular championships in boxing history. The event will draw the attention of the whole world, with more than 100 participating countries. Famous boxers from every continent are coming to Belgrade...
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105 countries to take part in the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade

Boxers from 105 countries are to take part in the XXI AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The number of registered boxers is 650 athletes, which is a record in the tournament’s history. The competition will be held in 13 weight categories for the first time in AIBA’s history. The weight classes were...
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AIBA President promises the support of athletes and coaches in Tajikistan 

During his visit to Tajikistan, AIBA President Umar Kremlev held a traditional meeting with athletes and coaches. Young boxers had a joint open training session with President, and after that Mr. Kremlev gifted boxing equipment to athletes and took group photos with them. ‘AIBA is your home in boxing. For our Association and for me...
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New projects for the development of boxing in Tajikistan are to follow

AIBA President Umar Kremlev held a meeting with sports officials in Tajikistan to discuss the state of boxing in the country. ‘AIBA would like boxing to become one of the most popular sports here. Tajikistan has a high potential in boxing and a good history of great athletes. The most important is to develop the...
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AIBA encourages boxers to apply for the Athletes Committee

All AIBA boxers are invited to apply to become Athletes Committee members. The Chair and Vice-Chair will become a part of the AIBA Board of Directors with a voting right. AIBA values everyone’s input in its reforms and wants to hear what the boxers have to say! If you have ideas on how to develop...
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Cuba’s icon Teofilo Stevenson won gold medal at the first AIBA World Boxing Championships in 1974

Cuba’s capital, Havana hosted the first edition of the AIBA World Boxing Championships in 1974 which was a historical step for the International Boxing Association. Such boxing icons as Teofilo Stevenson, Wilfredo Gomez, Emilio Correa, Mate Parlov and Rufat Riskiyev were among the first winners. The event took place in the Coliseo de la Ciudad...
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