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AIBA’s Interim Chief Pushes Reforms, Calls for IOC’s Support

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) is delivering real change through its reform process, according to Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane. He has called for the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at this crucial time. AIBA, which represents amateur boxing worldwide, has implemented key reforms since it was suspended by the IOC in May...
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AIBA joins UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020

United through sports (UTS) launches the International Virtual Youth Festival 2020. AIBA will take part in it with youth athletes participating; the organization is looking for brave and courageous boxers who desires to show yourself at the innovative format of competitions. The COVID-19 pandemic has given life to the UTS Virtual Youth Festival, which goes...
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Francois Strydom will serve as Chairman of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission 

Chairman of the FIDE Ethics & Disciplinary Committees from South Africa, Francois Paul Strydom, became a Chairman of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission. The decision was ratified by the AIBA EC during the videoconference on Wednesday.  Born in 1961, Mr. Strydom is specialized in a Commercial and Sports Law. He is an arbitrator in a number...
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CAS Arbitrator Bernhard Welten became a Chairman of the AIBA Ethics Commission

Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Arbitrator from Switzerland, Bernhard Heinrich Welten, will serve as Chairman of the AIBA Ethics Commission. The AIBA Executive Committee ratified the proposal of the AIBA Interim President today during the AIBA Extraordinary EC meeting by videoconference. Born in 1966, Mr. Welten is Attorney at law. He graduated from the...
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AIBA Ordinary Congress 2020 to be held virtually in December 

International Boxing Association (AIBA) Ordinary Congress 2020 is held on December 12-13 on the virtual platform. The Executive Committee took this decision during the extraordinary meeting by the video conference on Wednesday.   AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane wrote a letter to all the national federations in advance asking their opinion on the upcoming...
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AIBA Reform Commission to present revised Constitution draft to the EC on September 30th 

Two important meetings of the AIBA Reform Commission have been held by videoconference this month to make recommendations for the AIBA Executive Committee approval on its next meeting scheduled on September 30th.    AIBA Reform Commission Chairman Mr. Wu Di said it has been many hours of work on each article of the new Constitution....
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Mexican boxing coach Francisco Bonilla Vazquez passed away 

AIBA Family mourn for coach from Mexico, Prof. Francisco Bonilla Vazquez, who passed away on September, 24th.  ‘Mr. Vazquez will be remembered for his great contribution to the boxing development on national and international levels as highly qualified coach; his legacy will live in our hearts forever. On behalf of myself and the entire AIBA...
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Mr. Martinez and Mr. Gomes appointed as new members of AIBA Executive Committee

The AIBA Executive Committee appointed the President of the Spanish Boxing Federation, Mr. Felipe Martinez Martinez, and the President of the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka, Mr. Dian Gomes, as new AIBA Executive Committee members in accordance with Article 37.3 of the AIBA Statutes. ‘I am fully confident that you will be an important asset...
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R&J Saoud Aziz Al-Shamari is 2020 «Best in Boxing» of Qatar

Qatar Boxing Federation awarded «Best in Boxing» of the country. Saoud Aziz Al-Shamari received a prize as the Best R&J. The «Best in Boxing» trophies are given in 2020 for the International Boxing Day celebrated on July 22nd to promote the advancement of all key people in the sport of boxing. They recognize outstanding achievements...
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Aimed to save his gym after the flooding Sewon Okazawa won «Best in Boxing» prize 

Japan Boxing Federation awarded «Best in Boxing» of the country. The prize was given not only for sporting achievements but also for social input. The award was dedicated to the International Boxing Day which is celebrated on July 22nd annually. Sewon Okazawa was awarded as the Best Elite Man Boxer of the year. The quarter-finalist...
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