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AIBA EC discussed the coronavirus pandemic and will vote for rescheduling the Congress 2020

AIBA Executive Committee on its teleconference on Saturday decided to keep in touch every three weeks to be well-updated about the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Several important decisions, including the rescheduling of the AIBA Extraordinary Congress 2020, would be made by the mail vote.  

“It is important that we are together in such a difficult time,” claimed AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane. 

“We already have to postpone the Congress because of security reasons. And we need to do it once again and reschedule it from June 20th to later,” he noted. However, the new date of the event wouldn’t be determined until the situation with the pandemic becomes clear. But most likely, new Congress is to be held no sooner than the end of this year. 

EC members unanimously supported the necessity to reschedule Congress due to the pandemic situation.

“We have to wait for the IOC scheduling the Qualifiers and Games 2020 to plan our competition and to give our athletes the opportunity to participate in all events without any clash between AIBA and the IOC schedule. We have a responsibility for enough time to be given to athletes,” added Interim President.

He also thanked all the EC members “for unity and solidarity” they showed “in this difficult time”. 

“We are very sorry for what happened to the Turkish and Croatian teams, we hope that there are no other athletes, coaches or officials affected. We will have a follow-up and medical assistance to all these who were in London or anyone who requests it,” said Dr. Moustahsane.

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