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AIBA Forum in Panama became a huge communication platform for American federations 

For a very first time in history, AIBA comes to the continents to adjust the dialogue with National Federations. First AIBA Forum for American federations has been conducted in Panama City, Panama on January 18. 

AIBA Interim President Dr Mohamed Moustahsane and AIBA Marketing Commission chair Mr Umar Kremlev as well as AMBC President Osvaldo Bisbal and Panama Boxing Federation President Tomas Cianca welcomed representatives of 38 National Federations.  

Dr Moustahsane claimed AIBA had the moment of truth after Executive Committee members established two key bodies – Marketing and Reform Commissions.    

“We took this decision to start serious work, to solve all the issues mentioned in the IOC report. I have to thank all the EC members for the work and the chairman of Marketing Commission Umar Kremlev for helping AIBA. 

It’s the first time AIBA comes to National Federations to chair with them all the improvement that AIBA achieved and to listen to their complaints. We are fully aware of the diversity of challenges and we are trying to hear from each National Federation. We want to show we are not inactive. AIBA is doing hard work, making a lot of changes to show to world we are taking care about boxing.

Now the communication is no more one sided without any obstacle. AIBA is changing and simplify all the procedure and believe that the Confederations have an important role in term of communication and administration process”, said Dr Moustahsane. 

“Only AIBA family can save AIBA”, summarised Interim President. 

Kremlev noted that all the participants are big boxing family. “We need global reforms to make AIBA great again. All together we are able to do that. We need to unite and help each other, to be in contact. Boxing starts with athletes and coaches, they are our first priority. We need to have good competitors from every country. As soon as we have strong National Federations, it make stronger Confederations which make AIBA even more stronger.  

From now, we will conduct continental forums every year. It will help to solve a lot of issues and be in touch with all AIBA members”. 

Guest of the forum Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President Brian Lewis made a strong speech about culture changes. 

“This forum is about necessary conversation. Everyone should be engaged in the reform process. But nothing will change if the culture will not change. Because culture impacts behaviour. Culture provides context. Culture and governance are interlinked. I wish AIBA success to reinstate its Olympic status”, said Mr Lewis. 

Dr Mohamed Moustahsane provided to the audience Reform commission progress report. He showed a new structure of the organisation, provided by the group of AIBA lawyers. First draft of the Statutes will be prepared coming days. Each National Federation will receive it one month before the Congress and will have time to give a feedback.  

“Now we need everybody actively giving recommendation for new AIBA Statutes. It should be simple and transparent. We don’t want 100 articles there. We need simple, transparent and clear Statutes”, said Dr Moustahsane. 

NF’s representatives asked about current AIBA financial situation. Marketing Commission chair Mr Kremlev explained that huge work had been done to solve it. 

“Soon AIBA will be sustainable and will help National Federations to develop boxing worldwide”, he stated. 

Dr Moustahsane noted that AIBA had big debts. “It’s a heavy heritage but I am confident that the creditors are fully aware of AIBA’s financial situation. Chinese and Azerbaijani companies are our main creditors, the good thing is these countries are deeply involved in the sport, especially in boxing. I am sure that we will reach an agreement for the best interest of the sport”, explained Interim President.

“Boxing will not change in one day. It is a long process and a hard work. We need AIBA to be sustainable first. Once stabilised, we can start to implement new projects and new programs. Nothing is easy and no results are guaranteed. But we will do our best in each step”, underlined Moustahsane. 

“AIBA is already working with some new technologies that may be a new start for boxing. Such technologies as sensors and multi camera filming can make digital reconstructions of bouts. It will help to solve the subjectivity of judging. This technologies provide a lot of information in term of statistics of number, quality and regularity of punches that may assist judges’, added he.  

Kremlev represented Marketing Commission report. 

“We will assist each National Federation to improve social media, to have active and attractive website. Together we will do marketing plan. We are aware of the strong relation between the competition and marketing. Thus we will change the competitions formats and competitions calendar to meet media market requirement and make it more attractive for sponsors. We will make sure that all athletes can have the opportunity to attend major events”, stated Kremlev. 

He also presented World Cup structure as a new AIBA competition. First edition is planned to be launched in November 2020. 

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