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Mohamed Moustahsane: RBF gives high standard of work for AIBA National Federations 

AIBA Interim President Dr Mohamed Moustahsane and AIBA Executive Committee members became guests of second All-Russian Boxing Forum in Kaliningrad. For two days all the 85 Russian regional boxing federation discussed important issues leaded by Secretary General of Russian Boxing Federation, AIBA EC member Mr Umar Kremlev. 

Dr Moustahsane claimed he supports the idea of such events for all the AIBA members.

“It’s a pleasure to take part in such united boxing events. Now we see how ABA Continental Forums were born. Mr Kremlev initiated this event in Russia and spread his experience for the whole boxing family. I’d love to see each of our members doing so good with internal communication. Based on that, we will create a powerful foundation of our organisation, which will help us moving forward. I appreciate efforts of Mr Kremlev to inspire other countries to put new developing programs with all the stakeholders”, said Interim President.

He also admit good level of organisation and conducting the event, who gathered round 500 participants and guests. 

“We are AIBA Family, we should build bright future for AIBA all together”, added he. 

Kremlev, who is also a chair of AIBA Marketing Commission, in his speech to the participants underlined that every boxing leader should start with history of the sport. He also noted that he would be happy to see AIBA National Federations conducting its own local forums.

“I am sure each boxing federation in the world can do much better with such events as forums. You can listen to real problems and offer good solutions. One forum is more effective then dozen of e-mails and phone calls. Leaders should see themselves what is going on in their continent, country or region. And now AIBA has this format as well conducting Continental Forums. It will inspire NFs to progress”, said Mr Kremlev. 

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