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AIBA Asian Forum scheduled on March 6th in Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan hosts AIBA Asian Forum on March 6th, 2020.

After two successful Forums in Panama for America and on Fiji for Oceania, AIBA was urged to cancel European event in Italy due to coronavirus. Although, the rest two continental events in Asia and Africa, planned in March, are still as per schedule.

“This is our mission to see all the National Federations and discuss reforms and further steps forward for AIBA. Only together we can overcome the current situation and find the way to consistent future”, said AIBA Interim President Dr Mohamed Moustahsane.

“Asia is developing on the wings of the wind, but each region of the continent has its own issues. We are going to Jordan to hear all the existing aspects from our members. This continent has a huge potential for further development, and we will put all our efforts to create good conditions for grassroots. But first we need to continue to restore AIBA, to implement reforms and build strong organization which will take care of each Confederation and each National Federation”, added he.

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