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Mohamed Moustahsane: “We are waiting for the new date of Olympics 2020 to reschedule our major events”  

AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane claimed that the organization is waiting for information from the IOC to have an ability to put a new plan for major events 2021.

“The decision to reschedule the Olympic Games 2020 because of the pandemic was expected. As all the other International Federations, we are also wounded by the coronavirus outbreak. The health of our athletes and also coaches as well as officials is crucial. It is the top priority for us keeping in mind that the age of coaches also puts them at high potential risk of fatal consequences if affected by coronavirus. But also the health of AIBA is immensely important. AIBA Extraordinary Congress and one of the major reforms, Statutes amendments, were postponed because of this outbreak, too. 

We’ve started a reform process in AIBA and have reached the agreement with sponsors and with cities to host major AIBA competitions. And now the most important task at hand is how to reschedule it due to the new Olympic schedule. It is no easy process not only for host cities but also for athletes and their preparation.

Therefore, we cannot wait too long to have the new dates of the Olympics 2020. We should have received it in the shortest possible time to continue the way of progressing.  

I feel sorrow for boxers and coaches from Turkey and Croatia who were tested positive for coronavirus after the Olympic Qualifiers in London. I hope they can get well soon with no complications to continue their career. I’ve asked the Medical Commission to investigate if there are more cases from London.  

AIBA Executive Committee will discuss these important topics in a teleconference on Saturday, March 28th. Together we will find a solution about how to keep going forward despite all the matters,” said Dr. Moustahsane. 

For any related questions about the coronavirus outbreak, AIBA Family can contact our medical specialists via e-mail [email protected].

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