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AIBA global flashmob #BOXINGEVERYWHERE united more than 35 countries

AIBA launched the International Boxing Day flashmob under the motto “Boxing is everywhere”. 

Everyone can participate by making short shadowboxing videos in front of their country landmark – Eifel Tower, the Pyramids, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, etc and publish it on Instagram with the hashtag #BOXINGEVERYWHERE and tag @aiba_official. 

Dozens of athletes from more than 35 countries have already participated in the online event dedicated to the celebration. 

Participants send their videos from Iran, Turkey, Australia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, France, Ireland, Colombia, Belarus, India, Poland, Monaco, Montenegro, UAE, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, China, Georgia, Jordan, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Great Britain, Croatia, Armenia, Wales, Spain, and others.  

The best ones will be published in summary video dedicated to the International Boxing Day on July 22nd. 

AIBA urged the participants to respect the COVID-19 safety rules of their countries. 

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