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AIBA established new Committees under the adopted Constitution 

AIBA Board of Directors voted in favor to establish Committees under the new Constitution during the virtual meeting on Friday, December 18. 

In total, there are nine Committees approved, in addition to the Ethics CommitteeDisciplinary Committee, Athletes Committee, and Audit Committee standing in the Constitution.   

Newly established Committees are Coaches Committee, Champions & Veterans Committee, Competitions Committee, Women’s Committee, Medical & Anti-doping Committee.

Four existing Committees are still in force: Reform Committee, Marketing Committee, R&J Committee, T&R Committee. 

The full list of AIBA Committees is the following:  

  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Athletes Committee
  • Audit Committee 
  • Reform Committee
  • Marketing Committee 
  • R&J Committee 
  • T&R Committee
  • Coaches Committee
  • Champions and Veterans Committee
  • Competitions Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Medical & Anti-doping Committee

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