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Irma Testa: “I feel safe with the new President, now AIBA is clear”

Italian boxer Irma Testa won the prestigious competition, 65th Memorial of Istvan Bocskai in Debrecen, on Friday. In the final, she defeated Hungarian boxer, Szabina Szucs, with a unanimous decision. 

After the bout, she described her feelings about being back to the ring.

“I feel much better, and I am happy to come back and fight. For boxers, it is a very big problem to stay one year without any competitions. However, I trained a lot during the pandemic. I had very strong and intense sessions because of the lack of tournaments. Now the intense work I do in Assisi pays off,’ she said. 

Testa, who is also a European champion, represents the AIBA Athletes Committee in the Board of Directors. 

‘That makes me very happy to be in the Board of Directors, as I represent there all women in the world who do boxing. When I started my career, there were not so many women in the sport, and now there are a lot!’ Testa added. 

The boxer also said that she is happy with the reforms that AIBA is conducting. 

‘As an athlete, I have ideas and I will discuss them with AIBA Committees and with the President. Now the reforms for boxing are very good. I see it, it is different than was before. Now AIBA is clear, and this is good for all – R&J, coaches, athletes. I feel very safe with the new President. Because he arrived and said that he wants to be a clear President. This is beautiful,’ she concluded. 

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