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AIBA Boxing Academy is to be built in Germany 

The Boxing Academy will be built in Germany by the joint efforts of the German Boxing Association and AIBA. This decision was taken during the official visit of AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev to the country where he awarded the winners of the Cologne Boxing World Cup.   

Mr. Kremlev met with German Boxing Association President Mr. Erich Dreke and Secretary General Mr. Michael Müller, as well as with Swiss Boxing Federation President Mr. Andreas Anderegg and Olympic champion from Germany Mr. Henry Maske.  

The city where the academy will be built is still discussed, according to Mr. Kremlev. 

‘We have to create the best conditions for our athletes worldwide. That’s why we want to build the second Boxing Academy in Europe here, in Germany. This is a country with great boxing traditions, and we have to encourage the young generation for their future victories. Academy is a foundation of boxing development, here the experienced specialists will educate coaches, referees and judges, ringside doctors, cutmen, managers. Of course, it will be a good place for athletes to train,’ said AIBA President.  

   Secretary General of the German Boxing Association Mr. Michael Müller claimed that the plan for the boxing development in Germany has been set up.

‘Mr. Kremlev has very good ideas to support athletes more than it was in the past. After discussions with AIBA President today, we set up a plan for boxing development. Mr. Kremlev changed the role of the AIBA president totally, he is nearby the athletes, he talks with them. He knows the problems of athletes and he can help. This is a very good step for the future, this is a good philosophy. And I happy to work with him,’ said Mr. Müller. 

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