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Bout Review and Live-scoring system will be used at AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships

AIBA continues to work towards improved measures to achieve the highest level of transparency as possible. As such, a method of “live-scoring” was proposed, whereby the scores of each round by each judge will be publicly displayed at the end of the round.

However, at the end of round three, the final scores will be publicly displayed only after the official announcement results.

In light of the above, the AIBA Board of Directors voted and approved the amendments to AIBA Technical and Competition Rule 18.

Additionally, the Bout Review procedure will be implemented for the youth competitions for the first time. The team manager or the head coach of the athlete who lost must start the protest procedure within 15 minutes after the decision is announced, and then within the next 30 minutes must complete the protest form and submit it.

Each team will be allowed up to two failed Bout Reviews per competition. Once a team reaches the maximum number, it will not be allowed to lodge any further protests during that competition.

If the Technical Delegate determines, after consulting the Bout Review Jury, that the protest should be allowed to proceed, the bout will be reviewed by the Jury – the  Observer, the Referee Evaluator and the Judge Evaluator. Decisions with the scores 5:0 or 4:1  are not reviewable, the only possible option is split decision 3:2.

In the case of a protest claiming that an AIBA Technical Rule was violated by the Referee, the protest should clearly indicate which AIBA rule has been breached, in which round the breach is alleged to have taken place, and how the breach affected the final result.

The Bout Review Jury will determine the winner of the protested Bout using all three scoring criteria and taking into account the issues raised by the protest:
– number of quality blows on target area;
– domination of the Bout by technical and tactical superiority;
– competitiveness.

The jury’s decision must be unanimous and will be final.

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