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Joint Committees Meeting To Become Step Towards AIBA Good Governance

A joint meeting of the AIBA Committees, aimed at discussing current issues and providing an opportunity to ask questions directly to the AIBA President, was held in Kielce, Poland and online today.

All Committee Chairpersons made presentations announcing their plans to reform AIBA in various areas, including marketing, competitions, coaches, referee and judges, involvement of champions and veterans, gender equality and role of women in boxing, medical and anti-doping issues, ethic and discipline. The committees plan to work together in adjacent spheres.

‘This is crucial that we can discuss all issues together with our Committees. They consist of professionals and play a huge role in AIBA good governance. I trust in these people as we gave them responsibility to recommend changes to our sport. I was delighted to talk to all the Committees today and to exchange many interesting thoughts,’ AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev said.

‘We overcame already many issues; therefore, we should not stop,’ he added.

‘I see a plenty of room to develop and I welcome the ideas of Committee members. Each of them should make their input and bring their experience. Moreover, I would like to stress that we are truly committed to gender equality principles and we will do everything possible to ensure opportunities and wellbeing for women in boxing.’

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