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Mr. Dragoljub Radović: “The Youth World Boxing Championships in Kielce was a success”

Mr. Dragoljub Radović served as the Technical Delegate at the AIBA Youth Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships in Kielce, Poland. It was his first appointment as Technical Delegate for a World Championship, but his enthusiasm, remarkable work ethic and practical attitude contributed to the success of the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships.

The boxing official from Montenegro summarized his experience about the event, his staff and the competition itself.

“I think my opinion is the same as everybody’s else opinion – the organization of this event was simply perfect. From the very beginning, I had no doubt about the organizational skills of the Polish Boxing Association. I had already been in the city of Kielce twice before as a Technical Delegate at the Leszek Drogosz Memorial Tournament. So, I already had the opportunity to assess and evaluate the capabilities of Mr. Grzegorz Nowaczek and his team.

This championship was not the same as any other before because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everybody knows how difficult it was to organize such a massive event during the Covid-19 problem. But in the end, we all proved that it can be done, and it can be done successfully. So once again, congratulations to Polish Boxing Association, AIBA, my colleagues, officials, and all participants as well, for being responsible and disciplined.

I am very satisfied with the work, behavior and dedication of my ITOs and R&Js in Kielce. I think that we have done a good job as a team. All of us were aware of how serious and important this championship is. The ITO and R&J officials acted as true professionals and showed a lot of respect to our sport, our organization and all participants.

The level of the competition was very high. Unfortunately, some strong boxing nations didn’t participate, such as England, Ireland, the USA, and China, which most certainly affected the quality of boxing. Nevertheless, I am pretty much sure that fans who watched boxing in Kielce online could see some extraordinary boxers, some men and women that will take over the Olympic boxing in the future years.

I recognized many talents in Kielce, of course. I have seen some of them that I already know very well, then I have seen some of them for the first time, and I was truly impressed with their skills. But I would not like to speak about the names, because I respect them all, and wouldn’t like to favor some of them.

The Covid-19 protocol and all safety measures were very difficult during the event with a large number of participants and officials. But my experience from the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships that was held in November last year helped me a lot. I was familiar with the Covid-19 Protocol, and all of the possible issues. So we managed it extremely well and it is safe to say that the championships had no major Covid-19 issues.

The overall experience of being the Technical Delegate at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championship is something priceless. Especially during the pandemic time. I have learned a lot, I have faced different situations and problems, and I had to make some hard decisions. Consequently, all of this made me more experienced and even more capable to manage world championship events,’ Mr. Dragoljub Radović said.

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