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AIBA President Meets R&Js In Dubai, Calls To Be Dedicated To Transparency

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev met with referees and judges (R&J) who work at the ASBC Asian Men’s and Women’s Championships and R&J Committee led by Mr. Chris Roberts. On the meeting held in Dubai, the AIBA leader called for honesty and transparency, promised to support referees and judges.

‘AIBA will help every member of its family including referee and judges. You are the part of the world of boxing, of our family. You are leading one of the main directions of our sport, and you should be dedicated to strict AIBA rules and never violate it. The strongest should win. If you became AIBA R&J, you defend all athletes and represent the honesty, not one single country. Should I hear about some violence, we will exclude R&J for a life-time. Today we have to fight for total honesty, we will farewell to all who are not in our team. We will also not allow anyone accuse our R&Js in misjudging. We are reforming R&J and scoring system. The new uniform for R&J will be presented. We will create courses on each national language,’ AIBA President claimed.

AIBA Secretary General Mr. Istvàn Kovàcs said that the organization will welcome all the ideas for the development.

‘I dedicated my whole life to boxing, and I will die for our athletes if it is needed. We have to give each other hand and work together, as we have common goals. We have already implemented open scoring, bout review, scoring system will be updated soon. Millions of kids are dreaming to become a champion. You are judging these kids, it is a huge responsibility. You are our best referees and judges, you work with the best athletes. All is in your hand. We will show zero tolerance, if someone judging not fairly. One mistake can ruin a whole career. We trust you and you can trust us. We have started to write a new chapter of our history,’ he said.

The Chairman of the R&J Committee Mr. Chris Roberts added that they are working together with Coaches Committee to improve AIBA Technical and Competition Rules. He called the development programs ‘the key work’, and wished good luck for all the R&J at the upcoming ASBC Asian Boxing Championships and for those who are taking part in the educational program in Dubai.

One of the instructors of the R&J course, Mr. Zurab Tibua, stated that before boxing ‘had problems’ and now it is ‘clear and transparent’.

‘Please be the world-class specialists to do your job,’ he noted.

Mr. Walid Jarrar, the Technical Delegate of the tournament from Jordan, added that R&Js play a great role in the competitions. ‘I appreciate hard work Mr. Kremlev is doing. It leads us to sustainability and transparence,’ he said.

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