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Eashash, Schelstraete and Machado are the heroes of the fourth session at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Belgrade

Boxers in the light middleweight (71kg) and the new cruiserweight (86kg) competed in the afternoon session of the third day at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Belgrade. The winners advanced to the 1/16 final and the session delivered remarkable battles. Jordan’s Zeyad Eshaish stopped Cuba’s Roniel Iglesias, Belgium’s Victor Schelstraete knocked out his Uzbek opponent while Brazil’s Keno Machado won the final-level fight of the cruiserweight.

Jordan’s Zeyad Eashash stopped Cuba’s star Roniel Iglesias in the opening bout

Jordan’s Zeyad Eshaish joined the national team in 2016 at the age of 18 and he moved up in the rankings step by step. The Asian Games bronze medalist started the first exchanges bravely against Cuba’s Roniel Iglesias who won his first AIBA World Boxing Championships’ title in 2009. Eashah’s coach Andriy Proskurnin prepared a strong strategy which surprised the Cuban veteran who claimed his first international medals in 2005. The Jordanian attempt was successful, Eshaish’s powerful hooks decided the bout still in the first round causing the main sensation of the Championships during the preliminaries.

“I met with Roniel Iglesias four years ago when I was 19 and I lost that contest. It gave me super power to show my developments today and I wanted to win this bout so much. I was happy that I can box against him once again and it motivated me. My coach advised to keep Iglesias on long and catch him with quick attacks and hooks. I am so happy and of course I want to win my next fight.”

Zeyad Eashash (JOR)

Germany’s first success was reached by Magomed Schachidov

Germany had two unsuccessful competition days at the AIBA World Boxing Championships but their coaches were confident to change this series on Day 3. Magomed Schachidov moved up to the light middleweight (71kg) and after four years in the national team, he used the best tactic against Cameroon’s powerful Albert Mengue Ayissi. The German boxer was able to work from the closer distance during the whole fight and followed his Irish coach’s Mr. Eddie Bolger’s strategy. Schachidov took a risk durinbg the final minute but his efforts paid off and delivered Germany’s first success in Belgrade.

“I had the instruction to keep my strong African opponent on short distance and I tried to put a pressure on him during all three rounds. I made many combinations, worked hard and landed also body shots to slow him down.”

Magomed Schachidov (GER)

Nishant Dev won his first-ever international bout

India’s Nishant Dev began boxing in 2012. He competed in several regional and youth national events but he did his real breakthrough in the Indian Championships last month when he defeated such experienced boxers as Naveen Boora and others. The young Indian found his best rhythm in the middle of the first round against Hungary’s Laszlo Kozak and gained control until the last gong. Dev caught the Hungarian with a tough body shot in the second round and his jabs were also dangerous from a longer distance. The Indian light middleweight (71kg) boxer won his first-ever international contest proving his talent in Belgrade.

Peerapat Yeasungnoen demonstrated his top defensive skills

Thailand Boxing Federation’s Peerapat Yeasungnoen claimed silver medals at the 2017 and 2018 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and bronze at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. In the latter competition, he was knocked out by a tough Kazakh boxer in the semi-finals and since then he developed his defensive skills to avoid similar situations. The 21-year-old Thai moved up to the light middleweight (71kg) and demonstrated his upgraded technical skills against Poland’s Dominik Kida who won the last international tournament before the Belgrade event. Yeasungnoen was a hard target for the Polish and he won the Thailand Boxing Federation’s next bout in the Serbian capital.

“I had the instruction not to move closer to my Polish opponent and I could work from longer distance. I knew that I had the advantage after two rounds and I focused to my defence in the third to win this opening contest,”

Peerapat Yeasungnoen (TBF)

Kyrgyzstan’s Nuradin Rustambek Uulu dominated his opening contest

Nuradin Rustambek Uulu achieved a historical gold medal for Kyrgyzstan at the 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships, he joined the elite national team last year. The 20-year-old boxer competes in the light middleweight (71kg) currently and he started his bout well against Turkey’s newcomer Sitki Isik. Rustambek Uulu was stronger, he had the longer reach. His technical skills were a key to success in their preliminary contest.

“I competed at the junior and youth international tournaments in the previous years and I can adopt the elite bouts easier following these experiences. I am planning to show more of my skills in this competition and win more bouts.”
Nuradin Rustambek Uulu (KGZ)

Belgium’s Victor Schelstraete knocked out his 19-year-old Uzbek opponent

Victor Schelstraete knocked out his first opponent, Israel’s Konstantin Pinchuk at the Ekaterinburg 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships and surprisingly he did the same in Belgrade on Day 3. The Belgian started on courage against Uzbekistan’s AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Shokhjakhon Abdullaev in the first round and used his longer hands to keep the best fighting distance. The younger Uzbek moved ahead more in the second round and the experienced Belgian used his faults to deliver the first classical KO of the AIBA World Boxing Championships.

“This new cruiserweight is the best for me as I was not a real heavyweight boxer in the recent years. The light heavyweight was also not ideal for me so I was waiting so much for the debut at the 86kg.  I feel wonderful but I have to stay fgocused. It is still a long way to go,”

Victor Schelstraete (BEL)

Brazil’s Keno Machado won the final-level bout of the cruiserweight

Brazil’s Keno Machado entered the world of boxing with his victory at the 2018 AMBC American Youth Boxing Championships. The Brazilian won almost all of his youth competitions in that year and he showen a strong debut among the elite boxers in 2019. Following his impressive results, the 21-year-old talent arrived in Belgrade as a gold medal contender in the cruiserweight (86kg), same as Kazakhstan’s ASBC Asian Champion Bek Nurmaganbet. The two stars met each other already in the round of 64 making nearly final in Belgrade where Machado used his distance well to keep the control. The taller Brazilian won the first and second rounds in each scorecard and bowed out a fantastic Kazakh boxer.

“I analyzed my Kazakh opponent after the draw with my coaches and we recognized his style of boxing. I always meet with Kazakh boxers at the major events therefore I know them very well. This weight class is much better for me, I have the power. I followed today’s strategy, worked hard in this bout to win this important contest. We will analyse my next opponent but I am expecting excellent upcoming days here in Belgrade.”

Keno Machado (BRA)

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