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AIBA Statement on the bout between Mironchikov (SRB) and Gonzales (USA)

Following yesterday’s bout between Vladimir Mironchikov (SRB) and Robby Gonzales (USA) in the 80 KG category of the AIBA Boxing World Championships in Belgrade, which resulted in a win for the US athlete by split decision, the Serbian Boxing Federation’s representatives expressed its disappointment with the result.

After having already requested three bout reviews during the tournament, however, the Serbian Boxing Federation was not entitled to make a further request.

In accordance with the AIBA rules, the AIBA Technical Delegate requested an Extraordinary Bout Review, but this was not felt by the AIBA Evaluator and the AIBA Observer to be warranted, given the bout and decision made by the ringside judges. No further review is possible within the rules and the result stands.

AIBA has worked diligently and with the help of independent experts to ensure rigorous refereeing and judging that is free from political influence. Thanks to these efforts, boxers can be assured of a fair fight. AIBA looks forward to the finals of the tournament scheduled for Friday 5 November and Saturday 6 November.

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