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december 11, 2020

The candidacy of Mr. Van der Vorst was accepted by the AIBA Election Committee 

The AIBA Election Committee has checked all required documents of the candidate from the Dutch Boxing Federation, Mr. Boris Van der Vorst, and accepted his candidacy for the upcoming Presidential elections. AIBA Congress will be held on December 12th and 13th with the election of the new leader of the organization on the first day....
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AIBA Election Committee made a statement on a disinformation distributed among National Federations

The Chairman of the AIBA Eection Committee Mr. Bernhard Welten wrote a letter to the AIBA National Federations where he made a statement on the false information distributed by an anonymous sender earlier today. ‘This disinformation attempt is misleading and harmful to AIBA’s election process,’ claimed Mr. Welten. ‘These documents contain allegations against Mr. Umar...
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Ramie Al-Masri withdrew his candidacy for the AIBA Presidential elections

The AIBA Election Committee received a letter from Mr. Ramie Al-Masri who informed that he withdrew his candidacy for the upcoming AIBA Presidental elections. Therefore, AIBA still has five candidates running for the position. The elections will take place on the first day of the virtual Congress on Saturday, December 12th.  All the information about...
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