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Happy International Boxing Day!

On July 22nd, we will celebrate again the International Boxing Day – the main holiday for all our athletes, coaches, R&Js, officials, ringside doctors, cutmen, boxing schools and clubs, as well as all boxing stakeholders.

For the 2020 edition, AIBA has established a new award – “Best in Boxing”. Due to the pandemic situation, there will be no usual public award ceremony, but we will sub for a worldwide coverage with various videos. There will be no best world title because it is a celebration of our boxing family more than a world competition.

“The Best in Boxing” titles should be awarded on the eve of the International Boxing Day by AIBA National Federations to its selected members based on the criteria established for each respected award. The award aims to promote the advancement of all key people in the sport of boxing and to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made to develop, encourage, and strengthen boxing in each country.

We are looking forward to celebrating this special event together!

We will introduce the selected members soon!

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