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IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships – The most successful boxers 2001-2019

Eleven editions of the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships featured since 2001 and the most successful boxer in the history of the event is India’s Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte with eight medals including six titles which she earned between 2001 and 2019.

Mary Kom won her first title in 2002 and achieved five-in-a-row gold medals until the Bridgetown edition, which was held in 2010. The 39-year-old Indian veteran returned to the light flyweight (48kg) in 2018 and earned her sixth gold medal in New Delhi.

The most successful women boxers in the history of the Women’s World Boxing Championships came from 12 different nations and represent three Confederations, they form the current Top-20. Twenty boxers claimed at least two gold medals in the history of the event.

Among the representatives of the Top-20, Kazakhstan’s two-time World Champion Nazym Kyzaibay will be attending the upcoming edition in Istanbul. She is one of the favorites in the light flyweight (50kg), the Kazakh star won the Strandja Memorial Tournament this February, and she is unbeaten in the recent year.

Next to Mary Kom, Ireland’s national boxing icon, Katie Taylor is also a five-time World Champion who finished her amateur boxing career in 2016. The No.3 among the most successful boxers is Irina Sinetskaya from Russia who claimed three gold, one silver and one bronze medal in the history of the Championships.

China’s Yang Xiaoli, Canada’s Mary Spencer, Italy’s Simona Galassi and China’s Ren Cancan are three-times World Champions. Hungary’s Maria Kovacs, Canada’s Ariane Fortin-Brochu, Sweden’s Anna Laurell and Russia’s Sofya Ochigava are still in the Top-10. Ariane Fortin-Brochu will be performing as a coach of the South Korean national team at the upcoming IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.

The most successful boxers in the history of the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2001-2019

1.  IND Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte6118
2.  IRL Katie Taylor5016
3.  RUS Irina Sinetskaya3115
4.  CHN Yang Xiaoli3104
5.  CAN Mary Spencer3014
6.  ITA Simona Galassi3003
6.  CHN Ren Cancan3003
8.  HUN Maria Kovacs2215
9.  CAN Ariane Fortin-Brochu2114
9.  SWE Anna Laurell2114
9.  RUS Sofya Ochigava2114
12.  PRK Ri Jong Hyang2103
12.  TUR Gulsum Tatar2103
12.  PRK Yum Kum Ju2103
15.  KAZ Nazym Kyzaibay2013
15.  RUS Olga Slavinskaya2013
17.  RUS Elena Karpacheva2002
17.  USA Claressa Shields2002
17.  RUS Zenfira Magomedalieva2002
17.  CHN Dou Dan2002

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