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IBA Congress elects new Board of Directors

On day two of the IBA Extraordinary Congress today in Istanbul, the new Board of Directors has been elected.

The Board consists of 18 Directors, including the President, 5 Confederations Presidents, 2 representatives of the Athletes Committee, and 10 Independent Directors.

The following Independent Directors were elected:

Elise SeignolleUSA106 votes
Pearl DlaminiEswatini88 votes
Belhaj AbdeljaouadMorocco82 votes
Kristy HarrisAustralia84 votes
Zsuzsanna TothHungary71 votes
Marta Forcen CelayaSpain63 votes
Volodymyr ProdyvusUkraine76 votes
Yousuf Al-KazimQatar71 votes
Jinquiang ZhouChina69 votes
Dian GomezSri Lanka69 votes

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