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Call for candidates to IBA Strategy Committee

IBA is very pleased to issue a call for candidates to serve on the IBA Strategy Committee. Please note that this call aims at getting applications from candidates to be “independent candidates”, implying that they shall not hold any office in or be employed by or be in any other way affiliated to IBA, a Confederation and a National Federation.

Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee is in charge of developing IBA strategic plan and ensuring its implementation. Its role is notably to:

(a)         develop, together with the Secretary General IBA’s long term strategic plan covering four years, and containing, at least key technical developments in the sport, key competitions, key measures to promote boxing internationally and a financial plan;

(b)         draw-up, together with the Secretary General and IBA Head Office annual plans on how to implement the long-term strategic plan through mid- and short-term goals;

(c)          report, on a quarterly basis, to the Secretary General, updated strategy and goals

(d)         report, at least once a year, to the Board, in order for the Board to approve the short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategy

(e)         prepare a report for approval by the Congress.

The Strategy Committee includes one Board member, as well as at least two independent members possessing management expertise.

The members of the Strategy Committee shall be appointed by the Board as soon as practicable and will be subject to appointment / re-appointment by the Board after the elections scheduled to take place in May 2022.

 General information

The independent members of the abovementioned committee will receive a fair remuneration in accordance with IBA practices and standards.

IBA intends to ensure that diversity criteria are included in the selection process, and female candidatures are welcome.

Please note that all candidates to IBA corporate governance committees have to successfully pass an integrity check ensuring that they fulfil the highest criteria in terms of integrity.

Any interested person shall apply by filling-in an application form and submit it with all mandatory exhibits specified in the form by email to the address [email protected] by no later than June 4th 2022.

 The IBA Head Office is available to answer any query: [email protected]

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