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Cyprus’ Rafail Pafios had a strong performance at the Commonwealth Games on Day2

Further eighteen preliminary contests were held on the second day in the boxing event of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England today. Cyprus sent only two boxers to the new edition of the Commonwealth Games but Rafail Pafios has done a fantastic job against his Oceanian rival, advancing to the next preliminary round. The Commonwealth...
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Strong English start at the Commonwealth Games

The boxing event of the Commonwealth Games started with 18 preliminary contests in the first competition day. England had three boxers in action in the exciting opening sessions and their young talents all advanced to the next stage of boxing. The Commonwealth Games is one of the top multisport events next to the Olympic Games...
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The Croft brothers and Rosie Eccles lead the Welsh team at the Commonwealth Games

Wales is a strong boxing country with bright history but their current young team has strong potential to impress in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Rosie Eccles, Ioan Croft, Garan Croft and Taylor Bevan all are well-known boxers and strong medal hopefuls in the Games. The Commonwealth Games is one of the top multisport...
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Strong Scottish medal hopes at the Commonwealth Games

Scotland won its first ever medal in the AIBA Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships in Belgrade last November and the country bagged a bronze at the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in Yerevan this May. Both of their medallists such as Reese Lynch and Samuel Hickey will be there in the upcoming Commonwealth Games...
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England is aiming for the top of the team rankings at the upcoming Commonwealth Games

The English coaches had to build up a new squad after the Tokyo Olympic Games but their staff members selected strong and young hopes after the event. Their elite male boxers impressed at the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in Yerevan two months ago and their best athletes are ready to compete at the...
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Bulgaria’s fourth international event in 2022, the 8th Balkan Women’s Tournament moved to September 19-23

The Bulgarian Boxing Federation hosted the Strandja Memorial Tournament, the Emil Jechev Youth Memorial Tournament and the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships earlier in 2022. Their fourth international event this year will be the 8th Balkan Women’s Tournament which moved to a new date, to September 19-23. The 8th Balkan Women’s Tournament moved from October...
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The new Moldavian Belt Tournament will be held for the elite and youth boxers in Iasi on August 22-28

The Romanian Boxing Federation hosted the first Brasov Youth & Junior Open in February, the prestigious Golden Belt Elite Tournament in April and another new competition, the Gheorgheni Open for the junior, schoolboy and schoolgirl boxers this June. Their fourth international competition in 2022, the Moldavian Belt Tournament will be coming soon in Iasi on...
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EUBC Board of Director Mr. Krasimir Ininski – We have strong teamwork in Bulgaria to develop boxing

The President of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, Mr. Krasimir Ininski is one of the EUBC Board of Directors who was appointed to this new position in Assisi, Italy during the European Boxing Confederation’s Ordinary Congress. Mr. Krasimir Ininski celebrates his birthday today and the European Boxing Confederation arranged a special interview with him to introduce...
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Tampere’s top event, the 42nd Tammer Tournament will be one of the highlights in November

The 41st Tammer Tournament opened the year in January 2022 which was postponed from October 2021. The next 42nd Tammer Tournament will be held in the city of Tampere on November 11-13. It means that this is the very first time in the history of the event when two editions of the Tammer Tournament take...
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The 17th Silesian Women’s Open Tournament will take place for the junior, youth and elite girls in Gliwice

The 17th edition of the Silesian Women’s Open Tournament will be held in Gliwice, Poland on September 4-11. The upcoming Silesian Open will be preparation events for the upcoming IBA Youth World Boxing Championships, EUBC European Women’s Elite Boxing Championships and EUBC European Junior Boxing Championships. The Silesian Women’s Open Tournament is the most anticipated...
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