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AIBA is ready to celebrate the International Boxing Day on July 22nd

The International Boxing Day celebrated on July 22nd, will take place online this year due to the pandemic situation. AIBA member countries will take part in the celebration.

It has been originated in 2017 in Russia and recognized by AIBA Executive Committee in 2019.

The second edition will take place worldwide by awarding ceremony AIBA “Best in Boxing”. Each NF would award

• Best elite woman boxer

• Best elite man boxer

• Best youth woman boxer

• Best youth man boxer

• Best coach

• Best official

• Best referee and judge

• Best cutman

• Best boxing school

• Best innovative project

Each of the nominees will receive certificates, and three categories – elite men, elite women and coaches will receive limited edition of the GreenHill gloves (athletes) and training pads (coaches).

‘Despite the challenges, despite the difficulties that AIBA is facing, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to celebrate the International Boxing Day all around the world by awarding all the actors of our sport,’ AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane said.

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