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Fiji receives Boxing Academy after AIBA Forum in Oceania

The second 2020 AIBA Forum was held in the city of Nadi, Fiji, on February 22nd. In total, 16 out of 17 Oceanian National Federations attended the event. New Boxing Academy on Fiji and development programs for Oceania’s coaches and officials are the main results of the meeting.

The forum was led by AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane and AIBA Marketing Commission chairman Mr. Umar Kremlev in the presence of Permanent secretary Youth&Sports of Fiji Mr. Jone Nemani Maretino, OCBC President Mr. Ted Tanner, Boxing Fiji President Mr. Manasa Baravilala and ONOC President Dr. Robin Mitchell.

Dr Moustahsane, who also lead African Boxing Confederation (AFBC), noted that Oceania has a lot of common challenges with his continent.

“I came from sports, not politics. I started my boxing career as a ringside doctor. And it took me ten years to come at the international level. I came from Africa, and here I feel like in a second home. We have similar challenges in Africa. And we need to discuss your issues. Solutions can’t come immediately from AIBA, and it comes from our united work. We need all the National Federations to be active”, said he.


Mr Kremlev stated that each country would be provided with necessary help.

“As Marketing Commission chairman, I was responsible for coming and seeing myself what is going on here. We need to make a plan and help with the development of boxing. We will do a big marketing program and help each National Federation. We can make boxing and AIBA stronger only together. Previous AIBA leadership was thinking about how to earn money. Today AIBA helps National Federations. We should make decisions together”.

He added that the format of next Forums, which becomes annual, will last 2-3 days with various seminars for R&J, coaches, and marketing specialists. The final day should be devoted to a boxing show.

“We will build Boxing Academy on Fiji, which becomes the center of Oceanian boxing. All the education programs would be free of charge,» stated Mr. Kremlev.

He also said AIBA would assist all the continents and national federations who need help for development. Oceania would be granted 100,000 USD to launch necessary education programs for coaches and officials.


Mr. Baravilala noted that it is an “honor” to host AIBA President and AIBA Marketing Commission chairman.

“We are very grateful. It is the first time in history we get to speak directly to the leadership, and it never happened before. For us, it is a big moment. And we are delighted because reforms are going positively. This is a new, new AIBA. And Boxing Academy on Fiji is such exciting news for us! Not only for Fiji but all the continent,” said he.

OCBC President claimed that this was “the best meeting he can remember” in Oceania.

“We are further away from AIBA Headquarters than any other Confederation. And Oceania is such a vast region. Distance from most east island to most west is like from London to Hong Kong. I think in 12 months, we could be on the way to solve the significant problem of the continent, which is putting on affordable international tournaments by using Oceanian based referees and judges and ITO. This is one of the big potential benefits of this meeting, “ said Mr. Tanner.

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