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AIBA Election Committee approved seven candidates for AIBA Presidency 

All seven candidates for the position of the AIBA President were approved by the AIBA Election Committee on November 12th. 

The candidates are the following (in the alphabet order): 

  • Al-Masri Ramie – Germany 
  • Al Otaiba Anas – UAE 
  • Kremlev Umar – Russia 
  • Mikayilov Suleyman – Azerbaijan  
  • Moustahsane Mohamed – Morocco 
  • Solano Domingo – Dominican Republik
  • Van der Vorst Boris – Netherlands 

The Chairman of the AIBA Election Committee, head of Ethics Commission Mr. Bernhard Welten claimed that all the candidates, who were nominated, are eligible to run for the top position.  

‘We had a very responsible mission to check each candidate’s eligibility carefully and accurately. We have no doubts that each of the seven nominees is an excellent candidate to serve as AIBA President in the case being elected. National Federations will make their choice on December 12th, and we will observe all the process to be in accordance with AIBA Statutes and Bylaws’, said Mr. Welten. 

The election campaign has started on November 3rd and will last until the election day. 

AIBA Congress, scheduled for December 12-13, is to be held virtually. 


The letter from the Election Committee to the candidates

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