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AIBA WCHs Quotes of the Day 3

Quotes of the Day 3 at the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Matus STRINSKO (SVK) lost to Rogelio ROMERO (MEX) 

I feel very good because I had a fight after long time, I had a very strong opponent and I feel like I’m a really lucky because I won. I’m very proud that I had an opportunity to represent my country at the World Championships.


Nishant DEV (IND) celebrated a victory over Lazslo KOZAK (HUN) – 5:0

It was my first international tournament, despite the fact I’m training boxing since I was 12 years old so I was very confident and excited to box in Belgrade. I came here only for one goal and I’m focused on doing my best to achieve that goal. I’m preparing with my coaches, how to play with the opponent, how to prepare for each round. I still don’t know with whom I will play next fight but I will go full of confidence and I will win it.

Nishant DEV (IND)

Govind SAHANI (IND) won Billy ARIAS ORTIZ (ECU) – 3:2 

I am feeling good after the fight. I always start aggressive at the beginning. This is my debut at AIBA’s tournaments, the fight was really exciting and I can’t wait for the next one. I won this fight without any difficulties, so I have no doubt that I can reach the finals. I believe in good preparation, not in the rituals, so I don’t have any before my bouts. It was hard to get here and compete in such Championships, but I made it.


Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA) won Sangmyeong HAM (KOR) – 5:0

I feel very good about my first fight. It is always hard at the beginning, it will be easier and easier in the following bouts. Category change was difficult at the beginning, but I got used to it and it is getting better progressively now. My nickname Maestro came from my fast movements, I am almost dancing in the ring. Except boxing, I love rugby and I have been playing it for 13 years.

Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA)

Viliam TANKO (SVK) eliminated Jean AGATHE (MRI)

It was a good fight, and I thought a lot about my first performance. I am proud of it. I am glad to be given a chance to represent my country at the World Championships but I am representing my family in the first place. I come from a multicultural family, so I am representing Slovakia, Romania and Hungary in a way. Sport is a chance for me. My parents divorced in the past, and I have lost my house. It took me 10 years of boxing to compensate for my loss. I always try to avoid negativity and breathe in positive energy as much as I can before I enter the ring.

Semiz ALICIC (SRB) won John HALE (IRL) 5:0

It was hard, but that is something you expect at the World Championships. I am glad that I put up a good fight and that my coaches are satisfied. It is a great feeling to hear a crowd chanting your name. I am ready for the upcoming bouts and we are marching towards that medal.


Nicola CORDELLA (ITA) lost to Seyran YEGHIKYAN (ARM) 

I think that new weight categories are good and equal for everyone. I would say that today I lost because I wasn’t prepared very well, since I did some parts of preparation a  few days before the match. This will be definitely useful for my future career – it ‘s ok that I lost. It is allowed for a boxer to lose sometimes.

Obed BARTEE-EL (USA) celebrated a victory over Carl HIELD (BAH) – 5:0 

I expected to perform better. I wish I scored earlier, the first round didn’t go as I wanted, but I got better later in the next rounds. I am only 19 years old and this is my debut here. I know my next opponent is from Italy and I trust my coaches and my team with the preparation of that contest. They brought me here and that’s why I will let them handle that. I am just going to push myself to be the best I can be.
Victor SCHELSTRAETE (BEL) won Shokhjakhon ABDULLAEV (UZB) by KO in 2nd round
My opponent was obviously strong and tricky, as you know the Uzbekistan boxing school is very well developed, so they have really good boxers. I did my job, I gave my best and won. I feel wonderful but I have to stay focused and don’t celebrate too much. It’s inspiring but also dangerous, it’s just the beginning. I’ll be happy when I get a gold medal. I already know who my next opponent is and me and my team will discuss and prepare the strategy for that match.
Hayato TSUTSUMI (JPN) won against Lazaro Alvarez (CUB) – 5:0
I’m here with my brother Reito, he is my biggest support.We are training together from early childhood. I think, I would never be here without him.
Jasin LJAMA (MKD) won against Fabio ROSELIE (SEY) – 5:0
The fight was good and everything was going according to plan. Before every fight I’m always say to myself  “You are the best! You can do it!”. The mental fight is also the hard fight. The next fight will be against Uzbek champion, and I’m ready for it.
Arslan KHATAEV (FIN) eliminated Bioshara SABBAR (ISR) – 4:1
Fight was a good start. I was training a lot, therefore, it wasn’t hard. I’m really proud to represent my country in this Championships and the best part is that it isn’t too far away, that is a good benefit. This is the first time I came in Belgrade, and I can’t wait to see more of it.
Roland VERES (HUN) won against Mizan AYKOL (TUR) – 5:0

This is my debut and I’m really happy to win. I was winning in first two rounds, so, my job in third was to do a lot of movements to make everything perfect. I think, it’s very hard because I’m a former kickboxing champion and I want to show my skills in boxing. Boxing means for me everything,  I’m a fan of this sport, huge fan, I respect boxing and I think this is why I can win. I do everything during the training process so when I am fighting it’s easier. I’m always happy to represent my country Hungary. I’m a huge Hungary fan. In the past our contry was very strong in boxing and I hope we can do everything for it to be a very big boxing country again. I have a sport adviser and he told me to write everything what I did today so I can fix my mistakes and be concentrated fighter in ring.

Roland VERES (HUN)

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