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AIBA Virtual Forum in America to develop NFs through experience exchange

The next AIBA Continental Forum for America, organized virtually this year because of the pandemic situation, is held on February 21st.

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev claimed that the developing National Federations will learn a lot from their experienced colleagues.

‘American continent is full of talented athletes and coaches who dedicated their life to boxing. They have shown their passion for boxing during competitions, no matter winning or losing. I am confident that the leaders of the continent, being the role models, will help their developing colleagues and share their considerable experience. Thus, we will be more united and strong,’ Mr. Kremlev said.

‘We are actively implementing reforms and we will discuss them with National Federations of America to build our future together. We appreciate feedback from our member countries, it helps us to improve a lot in each direction. Our big initiative, AIBA Forums, is helping us to be in touch with the National Federations on a regular basis. We do not avoid tough questions, we are here to hear and solve it’, he added.

On February 7th, AIBA held African Forum with 40 countries participating virtually. Nairobi, Kenya became the capital of the event; Mr. Kremlev visited the country to hold official meetings and to train and communicate with the national team.

During the Forum the AIBA leadership and the National Federations of the continent discussed a number of key issues, including reforms, new AIBA Committees and competition calendar, development plan for National Federations, Communication strategy, report from the legal group, and took part in the Q&A sessions; they also held an anti-doping seminar with the ITA’s Head of Testing, Mr. Matteo Vallini.

AIBA President had a training session with the Kenyan national team and presented to athletes boxing equipment. The decision about building a boxing academy in the country was taken. Mr. Kremlev expressed confidence that it will help to develop boxing not only in the country but in the whole region.

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