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European Shadowboxing Challenge

Mr. Boris Van der Vorst recommends European Shadowboxing Challenge through social media.

The President of the Netherlands Boxing Federation Mr. Boris Van der Vorst is the Chairman of the Passion for Boxing Committee of the European Boxing Confederation who recommends a new type of competition for the stakeholders and boxers during the period of the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation.

The Shadowboxing Championships could be a new kind of activity for the boxers and our former athletes sharing them on social media at Instagram and at Facebook. Shadowboxing is a special exercise used in the training in boxing everyday which is an important part of the preparations before the competitions. Most of the boxing coaches prefer and ask their pupils to do shadow boxing as start of the training to get their muscles ready for other activities, make warm-ups and precise their techniques.

All of the competitors can make 15-30-seconds of videos in which they can combine all kind of their techniques and punches during this shadow boxing challenge. These videos shall be uploaded to the Instagram and Facebook pages of the participants who can mark their videos with several hashtags: #EUBC #AIBA #NF #ShadowBoxingChallenge #ShadowBoxing #PunchChallenge #EUBCevent #EUBCchallenge.

Mr. Boris Van der Vorst and the Executive Director of the Netherlands Boxing Federation Mr. René Braad launched the first shadowboxing event already in their country which fits for the mandatory distance rules. All of the competitors can post their videos on social media pages in Instagram or in Facebook.

The European Boxing Confederation and a professional jury will be decided the champions. The participants can attend in three different categories: elite, youth and veteran shadow boxers.

All of the winners will be informed by email and will receive prizes from the European Boxing Confederation. The management of the European Boxing Confederation is planning to inspire its boxing family to be fit, motivated and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic which spread around the whole continent.

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