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október 4, 2021

Umar Kremlev discussed with Japan Boxing Federation President a new system of sports preparation 

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev held a meeting with Japan Boxing Federation President Mr. Sanadobu Uchida in Moscow. The two leaders discussed the new system of preparations in sport proposed by Mr. Uchida. The program is supposed to be launched in March. It is developed not only for boxers and professional athletes but also for...
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AIBA to Ensure “Fair Chance, Fair Fight” At World Championships

With less than one month until the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships begin in Belgrade, and two months until the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships begin in Istanbul, AIBA unveiled “Fair Chance, Fair Fight” as the theme of the competitions and AIBA’s work towards them.  The “Fair Chance” team has been created for athletes who...
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Puerto Rican José Laureano elected AMBC President, becomes new BoD member 

Puerto Rican José Laureano was elected American Boxing Confederation (AMBC) President following the hybrid General Assembly, held both online and offline in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  According to the AIBA Constitution, Mr. Laureano becomes a new Board of Directors member.  Born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Mr. Laureano began his journey in sports as a boxer. He graduated...
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